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Wall spraying


Wall spraying

Official spray work begins after the test spray is completed. When spraying, the aerosol formed by the muzzle should be continuous and uniform. If the discharge has tailing, increase the spraying pressure or spray with a small nozzle.

For different materials, AEROPRO adjusts different nozzles and pressures on site to achieve the best spray results, usually:

Water-based primer: 517 nozzle, spraying pressure is about 100~110bar, the dosage is about 0.15~0.2L/m2, single pass survival (varies according to working conditions and materials)

2. Ordinary interior wall paint: 517 nozzle, spraying pressure is about 130~140bar, the dosage is about 0.2L/m2, single pass survival (varies according to working conditions and materials)

For spraying in tight confined spaces, the builder can use the finished 612 nozzle to reduce the fog during spraying. The nozzle has a wide spray width and low aerosol characteristics.

The spray gun should be 30 cm away from the wall when spraying. When spraying, in order to reduce the aerosol and even stroke of the paint film, the spray gun nozzle should always be perpendicular to the wall surface, it is not advisable to use the arm swing to go back and forth.


                                      Hold the gun Vertical to the wall 

• To prevent local overspray or partial leaks, the gun should be continuously stable to achieve a uniform paint finish. When spraying, it is recommended to use the top-down construction sequence, and the next shot should cover 50% of the spray area of the previous shot.


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Top surface, detail node and color separation coating


Airless spray can easily handle the construction of top and detail joints compared to conventional construction methods

1.For areas that are not accessible to the top or arms, AEROPRO recommends using extended rods for auxiliary spraying to ensure construction quality and construction safety.

1. When constructing the top surface, the nozzle should be kept perpendicular to the wall as much as possible. The step movement should be stable and uniform, and the pressure should be properly adjusted.

• For color separation construction, use a bezel to block the finished area

• Top, detail and color separation construction can be done once.

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