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How to Use an airless Paint Sprayer?


Paint sprayers are a great tools for painting large surfaces quickly and evenly. Airless sprayers work by pumping paint at high pressure through a hose and spray directly onto the surface being painted.  They can be intimidating for beginners, but with some basic knowledge and practice, anyone can learn how to use a paint sprayer effectively.


First, Proper surface preparation is crucial for getting great results with a paint sprayer. Fill any holes or cracks with filler and sand smooth. Make sure the area where you will be working is protected. Paint can make a big mess that can be difficult to clean up. For this reason, it’s important to ensure the area is properly protected with drop cloths and clearly outlined with painters tape to avoid accidentally painting nearby surfaces, furniture, or objects.


If you are working outdoors, it’s necessary to factor in the amount of wind and the wind direction before you start spraying. Strong winds can affect the direction of the spray, so make sure to cover trees, bushes, flowers, lawn ornaments, paving stones, and other items or surfaces that you don’t want coated in paint.


Refer to the AEROPRO manual for how to assemble your paint sprayer model. Attach the hose to the spray gun and tighten it securely. Make sure the spray tip is clean and inserted properly. In general, you'll need to attach the hose, gun or wand, tip or nozzle, filters, and paint cup or reservoir.  Make sure all pieces are tightened securely to prevent leaks.


Fill the paint container, taking care not to overfill it. Plug in and turn on the sprayer to allow it to prime the pump. Purge air bubbles from the hose by spraying into a waste container until a steady stream of paint comes out.


Refer to your AEROPRO airless sprayer's manual for instructions on adjusting the pressure, fan width, and flow rate settings. For thin paints like stains and sealers, use lower pressure around 1,000 PSI. For thicker paints like latex paint, use higher pressure around 2,000-3,000 PSI. Adjust the fan width depending on the size of the area you're painting. Use a narrow fan for trim and edges and a wide fan for broad surfaces. Set the flow rate low for starting out. You can increase it as you get comfortable spraying.


Get a feel for the sprayer by practicing on cardboard or wood first. Hold the spray gun perpendicular to the surface at a distance of 8-12 inches. Move your arm smoothly back and forth while keeping the sprayer the same distance from the surface. Maintain a consistent motion to apply an even coat of paint. Avoid holding the tip in one spot, which can cause drips and sags. Overlap each spray pass by 50 percent. Periodically stop to check for consistency and fix any drips.


After testing the paint sprayer and figuring out the pattern and speed, it’s time to start painting. Adjust the nozzle so that it sits vertically if you are going to be spraying side-to-side or turn the nozzle horizontally if you will be spraying in up-and-down strokes. Keep the sprayer about 8 to 12 inches at a perpendicular angle from the target surface and make sure to keep your hand steady while you work. On walls, maintain a wet edge where the unpainted area overlaps the painted area to avoid lap marks.


When the first coat is dry, sand any drips or rough spots. Apply additional coats following the same technique to build up the paint to your desired thickness and color intensity.


Clean your airless sprayer thoroughly after each use by flushing and spraying soapy water, mineral spirits, or other solvent. clean the sprayer tips, paint cup, intake tubes, nozzle parts, and any seals. Dump unused paint into its original container, then use water to rinse away water-based paint or mineral spirits to rinse oil-based paints and stains. After rinsing all paint, discharge fresh cleaning solution through the spray gun until it comes out clear. Allow the sprayer to dry, then store it safely for your next painting project.



Painting large surfaces can feel tired without the right tools. The AEROPRO 470 airless paint sprayer is the fast, easy way to coat interior and exterior surfaces with professional-quality results.


AEROPRO 470 airless paint sprayer features a durable 1.2HP motor that delivers up to 3300 PSI to support the heavy coatings with ease. Supports up to a .021 spray tip. Have electronic pressure control. Heavy duty piston pump. Easy turn siphon swivel with easy remove feature for fast cleaning. Heavy duty siphon with metal pickup and return tubes, easy to replace packings. Includes heavy duty airless spray gun model 818 W/517 and tip extension, its pattern width is 254-305 and operating pressure is 3600PSI. Widely used in vehicle, building, shipping, chemical equipment painting.


Voltage frequency:220V (AEROPRO 470) / 110V (AEROPRO 475)

Motor power:1.2HP(900W)


Standard Nozzle size:517(0.017")

Flow rate:2.1LPM/0.55GPM

Length of high pressure hose:83mpa/15m(50')

Max pressure for the hose:83mpa

Net weight:20kg/44lb

Max spray tip:0.021"

Spraying width:250-310mm

Key Applications: Industrial Construction, Steel Structure, Indoor Outdoor painting, Chemical painting.

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