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7 Reasons Why You Should Winterize paint Sprayer


As a house-owner or contractor, you rely on your airless sprayer to get jobs done efficiently during your peak seasons. But when winter rolls around, your sprayers sit idle for months on end. Neglecting to winterize can lead to damage from freezing temperatures, corrosion, clogs, and other issues that are expensive and time-consuming to fix.


Prevent Internal Corrosion


One of the biggest threats to your sprayer during winter storage is internal corrosion. The water or solvent that remains inside the pump, hoses, and other components can freeze, expand, and put pressure on the metal surfaces. This leads to corrosion buildup inside the sprayer.


By properly flushing out and drying all internal parts, you can prevent this destructive corrosion from occurring over the winter. Taking the time to do this will save you from needing to rebuild or replace rusted parts in the spring.


Avoid Cracked Hoses


Sitting idle all winter, the hoses on your sprayer can become dried out and brittle. This makes them prone to cracking or splitting when you go to use the sprayer again. Cracked hoses can lead to leaks and loss of pressure.


When you winterize your sprayer, take some time to thoroughly inspect the hoses. Replace any worn or cracked hoses so you start the new spray season with fresh ones. Also, lubricate the hoses to keep them supple and prevent drying out.


Protect Sensitive Parts from Freezing


Some of the inner workings of your airless sprayer contain parts that can be damaged by freezing temperatures, such as gaskets, seals, and O-rings. Exposure to freezing cold can cause these parts to contract and harden.


When you operate the sprayer in spring, these frozen parts are more apt to crack or leak. But a proper winterizing flush will remove any trapped water that could freeze and harm sensitive inner sprayer parts.


Prevent Accidental Start-Ups


No matter how many reminders you leave yourself, it can be tempting to try firing up your sprayer on a warm winter day for a quick project. But running it with the frozen or congealed fluid left from last fall can severely damage the inner workings.


Winterizing the sprayer involves draining all paint and solvent, so there is nothing left to flow through it if someone attempts a cold weather start-up. This prevents accidental operation from causing harm.


Remove Paint Residue


If you don't properly clean out your airless sprayer before storage, dried paint residue can be left to bake inside the components all winter. This makes a real mess that can be difficult to remove come spring.


A thorough winterizing flush removes any built up paint residue from last season, ensuring you start fresh in the spring with clean passages and parts. Take the time to do a complete paint removal cleaning.


Save Time and Money in Spring


Attempting to take a sprayer out of storage to use in the spring, only to find it corrupted by corrosion and residues, can cost you precious time and money getting it back into working order.


Whereas a sprayer that has been properly winterized can be set right back up and put into service on day one of the new season. Doing your winter maintenance saves you big on tune-ups and repairs down the road.


Prolong Your Sprayer's Life


Taking good care of your airless sprayer through methods like winterizing helps keep it in top shape and extends its working life. The extra effort spent adequately storing it over winter pays off for many years to come.


Neglecting winterization procedures can lead to accelerated wear, damage, and breakdowns. Don't throw away your sprayer investment by skipping this essential seasonal maintenance.

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Model No.: AP8623L/AP8623NL

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Standard Nozzle size: 517

Spraying width: 250-310mm

Length of hose: 7.6m

Flow rate: 1.44LPM

Max pressure for the hose: 83MPA

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