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Which socket should be used with an impact wrench?


Air impact wrenches are powerful pneumatic tools that can generate an extreme amount of torque to loosen the stubborn bolts and fasteners. When using such a powerful tool, it's important to use the proper socket type to avoid damage or injury. So what is the ideal socket for air impact wrenches?


The Most Durable Socket Option

Impact sockets are specifically designed for use with power impact tools like air impact wrenches.  Impact sockets are made from harder, durable alloys compared to standard chrome sockets. Common alloys used include chrome vanadium, chrome molybdenum, and carbide steel. These materials are specially formulated to withstand the intense stresses from an air impact wrench without cracking or deforming. Chrome vanadium in particular offers a good balance of strength and durability for impact tasks. The thicker walls and reinforced design of impact sockets also boost longevity.


Know Your Impact Wrench Torque Specs

Be sure to choose sockets that are explicitly rated for use with an air impact wrench. Quality impact sockets should indicate the impact rating, which signifies how much torque can be handled. Common ratings are 50-250 ft-lbs for lighter duty tasks, or up to 2,000 ft-lbs and higher for heavy-duty impact needs. Exceeding the impact rating risks socket failure and presents a safety concern.

For example, a 1/2" drive wrench may be rated for 300 to 500 ft-lbs of torque. With specs like these in mind, choose sockets rated for at least that torque range to ensure safe usage. Referencing your wrench specs prevents selecting sockets that can't handle its full capabilities.


Impact socket sets are available in common drive sizes like 1/2", 3/4" and 1" to match air impact wrenches. Larger drive sizes allow transmission of more torque from the tool to the fastener. Make sure the drive size of your sockets matches the anvil size on your impact wrench. Also be aware that larger drive impact socket sets typically have fewer sockets, while smaller drive sets offer more variety but less torque capacity.



Use Extensions To Reach Tough Spots


Socket extensions are a must for impact work involving recessed or difficult to reach fasteners.   Quality impact extensions allow you to place sockets exactly where you need them without adding unwanted wobble or flex.   Sturdy impact extensions withstand the forces and torque applied by power tools without damage.


When possible, choose one-piece extensions over multi-piece types for maximum durability and accuracy. Adjustable extension bars allow useful flexibility but avoid ultra-long lengths that may vibrate excessively under impact. Using too many extensions together can also reduce tool performance. With the right extensions, you can drive impact sockets securely even in extremely tight areas.


Proper Use Technique


Inspect sockets and extensions for wear, cracks, or damage before use. Damaged components may fail under impact forces.

Ensure the impact wrench is set to loosen in the correct direction. Forward/reverse settings are commonly marked by arrows.

Hold the gun squarely on the bolt without tilting for optimal energy transfer.

Pull the trigger for short 2-3 second bursts rather than continuous use to avoid overheating. Allow breaks between trigger pulls to maintain control.

Apply steady pressure on the gun rather than pushing too hard, which can round off bolt heads.

Use two hands where possible for more control, especially when using large or extended sockets.

Apply a drop of thread lubricant at joints between socket components to minimize wear.



Our powerful AEROPRO AP17808-A  1/2" impact wrench kits packed with AP17407 impact wrench and premium accessories for tackling all your automotive fastening needs. 

AP17407  impact wrench delivering a 450 ft-lbs of working torque and twin hammer system. Weighing in at 4.64 lbs, the lightweight composite design combined with soft rubber grip reduces fatigue during use. 


To boost your productivity, its included a set of 10 essential impact sockets (9mm to 27mm). An extension gives you the reach for recessed fasteners when space is tight. Accessories like 5"extension bar, oil pot, hex wrench, mini-oiler, nipple nozzle and a blow mold case so you have everything you need. AEROPRO Air Impact Wrench Kits AP17808A is is perfect for tire rotation, brake repairs, exhaust repairs, and the loosening or tightening of any other bolts.




17pcs l/2"Impact Wrench Kits Contents

Model No:AP17407

1pc AP17407 1/2"Impact Wrench

Square Drive:1/2"

10pcs Impact Sockets

Capacity Bolt Size:5/8"(16mm)


Free Speed:7500Rpm

1pc 5"Extension Bar

Working Torque:450ft-Lb,610n.m

1pc Oil Pot

Air Inlet (Npt):1/4"

1pc Hex Wrench

Air Hose(Id):3/8"

1pc Mini Oiler

Working Pressure:90PSI(6.3Bar)

1pc Nipple

Avg.Air Consumption:6.5cfm,183.9 l/Min

1pc Blow Case

Net Weight:2.1kg

Overall Length:185mm

Sug.Air Comp:3HP


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