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Save Time Nailing Shingles Use Coil Roofing Nailer


Installing roof shingles is a labor intensive and time consuming job. Using a pneumatic coil roofing nailer can cut the installation time significantly by quickly driving hardened nails through layers of shingles into the roof deck. These specialty nail gun are designed specifically for roofing applications.


How A Coil Roofing Nailer Works  


A coil roofing nailer is a type of pneumatic nail gun that uses coiled collated nails rather than straight stick nails. The nail coil contains hundreds of nails wire-welded together for fast nailing. The nails are held together using wire or plastic which is fed into the nose of the nailer from a reel. When the trigger is pulled, the piston drives a nail into the material while advancing the next nail into position. Most models use nails from 1 inch to 2 inches long for penetrating asphalt shingle tabs or fiberglass.


A critical feature is adjustable depth of drive control for sinking nail heads correctly. Nails need to be flush or slightly below the shingle surface without punching through into the roof felt or deck. Variable pressure or contact trip mechanisms with multiple settings control this penetration depth. Older models rely on airflow adjustments and restrictive fittings which are harder to fine tune.



Why Roofing Contractors Need It


Time Savings. As discussed, the rapid-fire capability allows a roofer to attach far more shingles per hour than using a traditional hammer. Nailing hundreds or even thousands of shingles per roof with a hammer is backbreaking work. Crew fatigue sets in quickly leading to slower, inconsistent installation. Experienced roofers report 3x faster nailing rates using these pneumatic tools leading to higher profits.  For large crews doing numerous roofing jobs, this equates to a huge amount of labor hours saved in a season.


Reduced Fatigue. Hammering shingles requires working hunched over up and down the roof. The repetitive wrist motion and impact forces lead to injuries and physical exhaustion. Pneumatic coil nailers allow a more upright stance using only a finger to pull the trigger reducing stress on joints and muscles. Operators experience far less fatigue, improving safety.


Lower Long Term Costs. Though coil nailers have a higher initial investment than hand tools, much savings occurs over time. The increased speed translates directly to cost reductions through bigger crews completing more jobs annually or smaller crews/individuals accomplishing the same work at a lower labor cost.


What to Look For In a Quality Coil Roofing Nailer


Nail Compatibility. Many coil nailers only accept a certain gauge (thickness) and length of coiled nails on rolls. Double check that the model works with the nails you prefer. Having this flexibility ensures supply availability.


Depth adjustability. Crucial for properly sinking nail heads for water tightness without compromising roof decking. Look for easy fine tuning control.


Bump fire mode. Advanced roofing nailers have a bump fire mode that allows nails to be discharged in rapid succession with just bump trigger, further increasing speed.


Lightweight yet durable. You'll be holding the nailer for extended periods on steep angle roof surfaces. A lighter design helps avoid fatigue, while professional grade housing materials ensure it withstands falls.


Safety features. Choose nailers with triggers safety locks, non-slip grip, and protective tip covers to prevent misfires into fingers or good shingles. Some have skid pads to prevent sliding down steep roofs. 


If you're taking on any asphalt shingle roofing projects, add a AEROPRO CN45RA coil roofing nailer to your tool arsenal. Superior power with hardened on piece piston for professional application.


One piece drive pin working life is more 0.3 millions times. Jamed nail rate at about 0.03%. It drives 15 degree wire Collated roofing nails from 7/8 to 1-3/4 inch(22-45mm) length. Tool-free depth of drive adjsutment, for flush or countersunk drive into varying material. Hardened claw clip, reduces wear and limits skipage when driving at a stand angle. Light weight and well balanced for easy operating.





Required pressure:70-110PSI(4.8-7.5bar)


Nail Capacity:120pcs

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