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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Car Spray Gun


Using a car spray gun to paint or touch up your vehicle can lead to professional-looking results, but only if done properly. We'll share the most common errors people make with car spray guns and how to avoid them.


The common mistakes is failing to properly prepare the car surface before painting. You should thoroughly clean and sand the car to remove any dirt, oil, grease, wax, rust, and loose paint. These contaminants will prevent the new paint from properly adhering. Rushing this step will lead to peeling or bubbling paint down the road.


Choosing paint not specifically made for auto spraying is asking for problems down the road even if application goes alright. Automotive lacquers and enamels are formulated to withstand exposure, additives in gasoline, temperature extremes, and other hazards cars face. So while it's tempting to save money with cheaper paint, you'll regret it after washing when you notice cracking or peeling.


Be sure to thin oil-based paints appropriately before spraying. Thick paint will clog the spray nozzle. Typically oil-based enamels must be thinned anywhere from 10 to 30 percent before spraying, using the proper solvent. Always check that primer, paint, clearcoat, and any other products you use are approved by the manufacturer for use together. Mixing paint brands or types that don’t chemically bond can cause fish eyes, cracking, wrinkling, and other paint flaws no amount of sanding can fix.


Neglecting to mask parts you don’t intend to paint. Properly cover car windows, rubber gaskets, trim pieces, wheels, and any other areas prone to overspray. Take your time securing drop cloths tightly. Mask off sharp lines with painter’s tape wherever one color meets another. Proper masking takes time but prevents costly clean-up work later.


Now for the actual spray gun technique. Paint jobs fail due to poor spray gun adjustment and handling. The first step is properly calibrating the fluid and air settings on your paint gun. Every gun and paint type has an ideal psi, fluid delivery, and fan width. Setting the gun incorrectly can result in splattering, dry spray, runs, orange peel, and other defects.


Applying paint evenly over large surfaces is tougher than you might think. The tendency is to point the spray gun directly at each area, covering it with a uniform coat of paint. But this leads to an uneven finish, as the center of each spray area gets more paint than the edges.


Another common mistake is holding the spray gun too close or too far from the painted surface. For most car paint jobs, the gun should be held about 8 to 12 inches from the car. Closer, and the paint is applied too heavily and runs. Too far away leads to excessive overspray and orange-peel effects from partial paint droplets.


The right spray distance also depends on technique. Best practice is to spray perpendicular to the surface, applying even back & forth strokes across each area. If angling the gun sideways to spray a long or curved area, you’ll need to close the distance to 4 inches or less. This prevents visible texture differences in the finish from inconsistent paint flow.


Cleaning the nozzle after spraying is absolutely important for future work but something many first-timers skip. Even a small bit of dried paint left anywhere in the gun's passages can greatly effect performance next time you go to use it. Follow the AEROPRO's directions exactly for taking apart, cleaning, and storing your spray gun. Don't allow material to dry inside the gun if possible.



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