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How to Effectively Remove Rust with Needle Scaler


A needle scaler, also known as needle scaler gun, provide an efficient solution for quickly blasting away rust and corrosion to reveal the bare metal underneath. We'll cover everything you need to know to successfully remove rust with needle scaler.


Introducing the Needle Scaler Gun


Needle Scaler utilizes a series of very fine chisel points that pulsate rapidly to chip away rust, scale, paint, or other coatings from metal surfaces. It works by emitting blasts of compressed air to drive the needles up and down thousands of times per minute, allowing them to hammer away debris without damaging the underlying base material.


Step-by-Step Rust Removal Process


Follow these key steps for effective removal of rust with your air needle scaler. Now let’s get to rust removal...


1. Begin Scaling. Turn compressor and needle scaler on, hold firmly and apply tip to rust in circular motion at 45 degree angle. Adjust throttle for appropriate oscilating speed based on rust thickness and metal hardness.


2. Penetrate Rust Layers. Continue to hit rusted areas from different angles to fully penetrate the oxidation. Layers will peel away to reveal metal beneath. Be thorough but take care around logos or identifiers stamped into metal.


3. Clean Up Scale Residue. Turn compressor and needle scaler off and thoroughly wipe surface to rid of all scale dust and debris so you can fully see areas of remaining rust. Consider a vacuum attachment placed near the scaler tip to capture debris while scaling.


4. Inspect and Repeat. Closely inspect entire surface after clean up. Look for hints of rust red and black oxidation especially in tight corner areas. Mark spots and repeat scaling process until clean metal gleams through across the whole piece.  


5. Clean Between Passes. Turn equipment off and do another thorough wipe down before putting scaler back to the surface. Small chips can quickly reoxidize freshly exposed metal, so keeping surface clean allows you to spot all areas still needing work.



Helpful Needle Scaler Rust Removal Tips


To achieve quality, efficient results removing rust with a needle scaler, keep these additional tips in mind.


1. Change tip angle and work direction frequently to avoid uneven surfaces. Scaler pins leave slight divots as they chip away debris.


2. For broad surfaces, sweep side-to-side keeping passes close together for uniform removal. Contour tips available for curved surfaces.  


3. Very thick rust may require flipping the scaler over for highest impact, then smoothing surface with a grinder afterwards.


4. On thin metal, hold back throttle flow so hammering action isn’t too aggressive to poke holes.


5. Learn metal surfaces and notice changes in sound and vibration signaling that it’s time to move on from one cleaned section to tackle adjacent rusty areas.


Maintaining That Clean Metal Surface


Removing embedded rust is hard work, so be sure to take a few simple steps to prevent recurrence.


1. Coat surface with rust preventing oil, grease or a conversio coating. This seals out future moisture from reaching metal.


2. Paint, powdercoat or otherwise encapsulate to ensure longest term preventative protection.


3. Store and handle clean metal parts away from moisture whenever possible to limit re-oxidation.


4. Schedule occasional scaler touch-ups to clean off any light surface rust that forms over time.


The Powerful Needle Scaler


With practice using AEROPRO AP7658 needle scaler gun on rust removal projects, their chipping power will prove very effective exposing clean metal beneath. It is all about simplicity and functionality, built for heavy shop duty.

The AEROPRO AP7658 quickly pulverizes rust, scale, and corrosion with 4500 blows per minute. Nineteen 1/8"diameter steel needles with precision heat-treated for maximum performance. Touch trigger adds comfort and gives user better start/stop control.


Ideal for surface prep work in the removal of rust, paint, weld slag and corrosion.


Model No:AP7658

Air Hose(D):3/8"

Air Inlet :1/4"

Blow Per Min:4500BPM

Needle quantity:19 needles

Bore Diameter(ID):3/4"(19mm)

Net Weight:4.33Lbs(1.97kg)

Avg.Air Consumption:2.8cfm(79.2LMin)


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