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Setting Up Your House Painting Site with Sprayer



The first thing when you get your rental airless sprayer home is to test the unit to make sure it's working properly before hauling it around the jobsite. Connect it to a power source, attach a tip and hose, perform a test run with water, and trigger the sprayer to test the pressure and pattern coming out on some cardboard. This ensures there are no issues with the pump, hoses, or tips before you begin spraying paint.


Once you've confirmed the sprayer is functioning properly, map out your plan for painting the house. Consider which areas will be best to start with, I typically like beginning with the siding or trim areas that are less prone to overspray getting on other surfaces. If you're painting the whole house a single color, you can be a bit less careful about overspray.


Cover up any landscaping, vehicles, windows, etc near the home that could get little paint dots on them from wind blowing overspray around. Use plastic sheeting secured with tape for the best protective covering. For windows, carefully tape wax paper or plastic wrap over each one.


Set up a staging area on the property where you'll fill the sprayer, store paint buckets, take breaks, etc. Lay down a plastic drop cloth and place the sprayer, paint, spray socks, tips & guards, cleaning supplies, and anything else needed for the job here. The staging area keeps everything conveniently in one place without trekking back and forth to your vehicle.


Prep the area to be sprayed by washing if dirty, sanding glossy surfaces, scraping loose paint, caulking gaps, and thoroughly masking off any nearby surfaces that shouldn't get paint on them. Use higher quality blue painters tape when masking wider areas like trim or walls, and thinner delicate surface masking tape for detailed taping around windows, outlets, and switches.


Thin the paint if needed. Some paint is formulated for airless spray use right from the can, but others may require thinning anywhere from 10-20% to spray properly without clogging tips. Consult the recommendations listed on the can or technical sheet. Slowly add clean water while mixing thoroughly and test on cardboard until satisfied with the spray pattern atomization.


Before starting to paint, you’ll need to calibrate the sprayer pattern. This involves adjusting the pressure, fan width and other settings until you get an even conical spray with no tails, arcing or dark center spot. Doing test sprays on cardboard is ideal for dialing it in properly, adjusting the nozzle tip size also helps optimize the pattern shape and flow rate.


Periodically step back and visually inspect spray work, checking for light spots indicating thinning coverage as well as runs or heavy buildup areas. Maintain wet edges spraying into previously painted areas and avoid stopping mid-wall or mid-panel wherever feasible. Plan your spraying route to enable easily starting/stopping at corners or edges rather than mid-section.


Take caution spraying areas you can't physically stand 4-8 feet back from, such as soffits or ceilings. Brace yourself firmly and spray in controlled sweeps rather than holding the gun right against the surface. Too much paint applied too closely results in runs and sags. Confine interior overspray by tightly sealing doorways with plastic sheeting and covering floors with drop cloths, securing edges with tape.


Clean the sprayer thoroughly at end of daily work rather than leaving paint sit overnight. Follow cleaning instructions, using a paint surface prep solvent to break down residue inside, preventing premature wear from dried paint buildup damaging pump packings and spraying components over time. Store the unit somewhere protected from freezing temps which can burst hoses or other critical parts.


Whether you're a professional painter or a DIY enthusiast,the AEROPRO 520 Airless Paint Sprayer offers a range of features to make your painting easier.

It has heavy duty piston pump. Electronic variable pressure control with display. Easy turn siphon swivel with easy remove reature for fast cleaning. Includes heavy duty airless spray gun model 818W/517, tip extension, and 30M high pressure hose.


Suitable for industrial constration, steel structure, indoor&outdoor painting, chemical equipment. Designed for oil paint, texture, enamel paint, acrylic etc.


Voltage frequency:220V/50HZ

Motor size:3HP(2200W)


Standard Nozzle size:517(0.017")

Flow rate:3.0LPM/0.85GPM

Length of high pressure hose:30m(50')/83mpa

Max pressure for the hose:83mpa

Net weight:18.8kg/41.36lb

Max spray tip:0.023"

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