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How To Replace O-Rings On Air Nailer Or Stapler?


If you find that your nailer is not firing properly or is leaking air, it's likely that a worn-out o-ring is the culprit, it can lead to air leaks, impacting performance and potentially causing safety concerns.


Contractors have to replace the o-rings in their staplers and nail guns periodically, replacing o-rings is an easy repair that you can do yourself in just a few minutes with some basic tools.

What are o-rings?


Air nailers and staplers are powered by compressed air, which flows through numerous o-rings that create seals to contain the air pressure. O-rings are small, circular rubber seals that are used to create a tight seal between two surfaces and prevent air leaks. Over time, o-rings can wear down and become brittle, which can lead to air leaks and performance problems.


Signs You Need to Replace O-Rings


Several telltale signs indicate that it's time to replace the o-rings in your air nailer or stapler.


Leaking air: This is the most common symptom and can manifest as a hissing sound or air escaping from the tool.

Reduced power: Leaking air can cause a loss of pressure, resulting in weaker nail or staple penetration.

Inconsistent firing: The tool may misfire or fail to fire consistently, leading to frustration and delays.

Visible damage: If you see cracks, tears, or other signs of wear on the o-rings, they need to be replaced.


How to replace the o-rings


The first step is disassembling the nailer to access the o-rings. Refer to the AEROPRO owner's manual for specific instructions on how to do this. In general, you'll need to remove screws securing the outer housing then separate and remove components to reveal inner o-rings. Pay attention to the orientation and order of parts as you disassemble so reassembly goes smoothly. Set the removed screws, washers, springs, pistons, and other components aside, organized by location.  


With the nailer partially disassembled, inspect o-rings for any cracks, tears, flattened sections, or hardening which indicates damage. Damaged areas allow air pressure to leak rather than propel the piston which drives the nailer mechanism. Make note of any o-rings needing replacement. You may find it useful to take photos during disassembly for reference later on.


Thoroughly clean the o-ring grooves to remove any dirt, dust or grime before installing the new rings. Lightly lubricate the new o-rings with air tool oil or grease made for pneumatic o-rings. Don't over lubricate them or they can get coated with oil and attract more contaminants. The thin film should allow the rings to slide smoothly into place. One by one, firmly press the replacement o-rings into their assigned grooves based on your notes, making sure they are completely seated in the channels.


Ensure you align new o-rings properly before reassembling components. Incorrect orientation can allow leaks which impact performance. Make sure any pneumatic pistons slide smoothly back into position and sit flush without binding when installing new o-rings. Binding indicates improper alignment needing correction before proceeding.


Before using your stapler or nailer again after o-ring replacement, conduct a thorough air leak check. Thread your air hose onto the nail gun coupler. Then, set the compressor to maximum working pressure for that nailer model. And test fire several nails into scrap material placed against a backstop like plywood secured to your workbench. Proper velocity and nail depth indicate your o-ring replacement was successful.


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