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What Are The Key Parts of The Airless Paint Sprayer?


For professional painters and DIY enthusiasts alike, understanding these key parts is important for operating and maintaining your airless sprayer effectively. Let's take a closer look at the main parts of an airless paint sprayer and their functions.


Pump & Motor


At the heart of every airless sprayer lies the pump. This is where the power happens, as the pump generates the immense pressure (up to 3000 psi) needed to atomize paint and propel it through the hose and gun. Piston pumps are the most common type, using a reciprocating piston to draw paint from the container and push it through the system. Diaphragm pumps offer a smoother, pulse-free operation, making them ideal for spraying delicate finishes. Regardless of the type, the pump's performance and durability are primary.


The motor acts as the muscle behind the pump, providing the power required to generate the necessary pressure. Electric motors are common for smaller, portable sprayers, while larger units often employ gasoline engines for increased power and portability. Choosing the right motor depends on the size and intensity of your projects. For small DIY jobs, an electric motor might suffice, while professional contractors tackling large projects will likely opt for the power and flexibility of a gasoline engine.


The Pathway: Hose & Filter


Once the paint is pressurized, it travels through a high-pressure hose to the spray gun. These hoses are specially designed to handle the immense pressure and abrasive nature of paint, typically made of reinforced nylon or braided steel. Choosing the right hose length is crucial – too short, and you'll be tethered to the sprayer; too long, and you'll sacrifice maneuverability. A good rule of thumb is to select a hose slightly longer than the distance you typically need to cover while spraying.


Before entering the gun, the paint passes through a filter to remove any impurities or debris that could clog the nozzle and disrupt the spraying pattern. These filters can be in-line, positioned within the hose, or at the gun itself. Regularly cleaning or replacing the filter is vital for maintaining consistent paint flow and preventing nozzle clogs.


Spray Gun & Trigger


The spray gun is where the pressurized paint meets the surface. These guns come in various configurations, with tip guards and triggers designed for different spraying angles and fan patterns. The trigger controls the flow of paint, allowing you to adjust the pressure and spray pattern on the fly. 


Choose a gun that suits your project's needs, whether it's a narrow fan for trim work or a wide fan for covering large wall areas.


Nozzles & Guards


At the tip of the gun sits the nozzle, the final point of control for the paint. Spray tips come in a variety of sizes, with the orifice or opening diameter being the determining factor in how the paint will be atomized. Smaller orifice tips produce a thinner, more adjustable fan width but are best for lower-volume coatings. Larger orifice tips provide a wider, fuller fan pattern suited to heavy bodied paints and stains but with less control.


Nozzle guards provide protection against overspray and accidental contact with the spraying surface. These guards come in various shapes and sizes, offering different levels of coverage and maneuverability. Choose a guard that suits your project's needs and spraying technique. 


Whether you need to paint houses, furniture, or other working, the AEROPRO AP8628 Airless Paint Sprayer meets your jobs. It features a powerful 1.27 HP motor that delivers up to 2L paint per minute via the durable stainless steel fluid section.


AP8628 Easy to disassemble the suction tube, easy to maintain and clean. 818C high pressure metal airless spray gun with 15M hose. The sealing ring is super wear-resistant. The new circuit control makes the voltage more stable. Compact structure, small and light. Economical and practical, cost-effective.


Widely used in the coating of ships, rolling stock, chemical equipment, steel structures, small and medium-sized interior and exterior walls, commercial and industrial buildings.



Voltage/Frequency:220V/50Hz or 120V/60Hz

Max Pressure:3000Psi,20.7Mpa

Standard Nozzle Size:517(0.017")

Motor Power: 1.27HP,950W

Max.Pressure For The Hose:83Mpa

Length Of High Pressure Hose: 15 M

Flow Rate: 2.0±10% Lpm

Net. Weight: 11kgs, 24.2Lbs

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