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Use of Air framing Nailer for Home Improvement and Renovation


Framing nailers are designed specifically for nailing framing lumber and structural materials. If you're looking to build a new deck, finish a basement, or re-side your house, a pneumatic framing nailer can make the job much easier.


How Framing Nailers Work


Framing nailers work by using compressed air to rapidly drive nails into wood. They consist of a nosepiece that holds the nail in place, along with a piston and driver blade powered by air compression. When you pull the trigger, air forces the piston and blade downwards with immense force, "firing" the nail into the material in a fraction of a second.


Framing nailers typically use either round head or clipped head nails from 2" to 3.5" in length. The magazine holds and feeds anywhere from over 100 nails so you can keep working without constantly reloading. Most AEROPRO models also allow you to adjust the depth the nails are driven to prevent them from poking through the other side.


Choosing the Right Framing Nailer


Framing nailers come in different styles and sizes to suit different nailing applications. The main types are sequential and contact trip. Sequential framing nailers fire each time the trigger is pulled, while contact trip tools only fire when the tip is depressed against a work surface. Sequential models allow for rapid nailing in repetitive framing jobs like walls and roofs. Contact trip types offer more control for precision nailing of floors, rails and trim.


Full-round head framing nailers can drive nails from 2” to 3-1/2” in length, enough for most wall and roof framing jobs. Clipped-head models accept 2” to 2-1/2” fasteners for nailing floor joists, headers and other Dimensional lumber. Coil framing nailers use a spool of collated nails for high-volume nailing with minimal reloads.


Framing Walls, Floors and Roofs


Framing nailers excel at assembling the basic wooden framework of a house. The ability to rapidly sink nails into framing members like studs, plates, joists and rafters saves huge amounts of time. For assembling walls, a full-round head sequential nailer allows quick nailing off studs to bottom and top plates. A coil nailer makes nailing off floor decking much faster with easy loading of collated nails.


On roof framing, a framing nailer with rafter hook can support the user and provide stability for nailing rafters and trusses from a ladder or roof platform. The tool’s power drives nails through doubled 2x lumber and sheet material like roof sheathing. Framing nailers are also ideal for attaching wooden furring strips when installing new siding over existing walls.


Building Decks and Fences  


Outdoor projects like decks, pergolas, gazebos and fencing benefit from using framing nailers. Attaching and leveling all the joists, beams, posts and railing on a new deck goes much faster with a framing nailer. While hidden fasteners are ideal for the finished deck boards, a framing nailer allows efficient attachment of the underlying frame. For sturdy fence or pergola assembly, powerful nailing into 4x4 posts ensures structural integrity. A framing nailer can attach fencing, balusters or decorative lattice much more efficiently than hammer and nails.


For homeowners or contractor taking on framing, deck building, fencing, or other construction projects, a good quality AEROPRO MCN90 Coil framing nailer is an essential tool. 


Bump firing mold for fast fasteningAvailable with either sequential and contact fire triggers. Trigger lock-off allows trigger to be disable when not in use. Sets nails properly every time with a tool-free depth of drive with detents.


Use 15 degree 1-3/4" to 3-1/2" wire collated nails. 225Pcs big loading capacity magazine will fasten a full bundle of shingles without reloading. Delivers the power to consistently drive nails in the toughest applications.




Required pressure:90-110PSI(6.1-7.5bar)


Nail Capacity:225pcs

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