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How to properly use an air sander to care for your car headlights


Your car's headlights take a beating from the elements over time. Foggy, yellowed headlights not only look bad but also reduce visibility at night. While you can pay a professional to restore your headlights, it's an easy DIY project if you have an air sander.


Why Use an Air Sander?


Air sanders are air tools that use compressed air to drive abrasive sanding discs or belts. They have some key advantages for headlight restoration.


Adjustable speed. Air sanders allow you to control the intensity of sanding, preventing damage to the lenses. Start with a lower speed and work up as needed.


Even sanding. The smooth, rapid oscillation of air sanders results in a more uniform sanding pattern compared to hand sanding. This helps avoid creating deeper scratches.


Dust extraction. Many air sanders connect to a vacuum system that extracts dust and debris while you work. This results in a cleaner job.


Large sanding surface. The sanding pads and belts cover a broader area than hand sanding, allowing you to work more efficiently.


Choosing the Right Air Sander


Look for an air sander with variable speed control in the 6,000-10,000 RPM range. Orbital and "DA" (dual action) sanders allow a swirling sanding pattern that gives even coverage. Ideally, pick a model with a dust extraction port to control the mess. It should come with a range of sanding discs from coarse to fine grit for finishing.


Why Headlights Get Cloudy


There are a few factors that cause headlights to become foggy and worn over time.


UV Exposure. Years of sun exposure causes the plastic lens cover to deteriorate. The UV rays break down the plastic polymers.


Oxidation. Oxygen in the air reacts with the lens cover, causing a cloudy oxidization layer.


Normal Wear and Tear. Over years of use, the plastic lenses get micro-scratches and abrasions that diffuses the light.

That's why older cars often have headlights that look frosted and yellowed compared to newer cars. Thankfully, a thorough restoration with an air sander can make them crystal clear again.


Supplies Needed


Here are the basic supplies you'll need:


Air Sander - An air-powered orbital or dual action sander is ideal as they have variable speed triggers for control.


Assorted Sandpaper Grits - You'll need 400, 800, 1500, and 2000+ grit sandpaper. Higher grits provide finer polishing.


Masking Tape - For taping off areas around the headlights.


Polishing Compound - A quality automotive polish will add glossy finish.


Clear Coat - A polyurethane coating seals the polished lens.


Microfiber Towels - For wiping and buffing.


Sanding Backing Pad - Improves sanding surface over using just your hand.


Step-by-Step Instructions


1. Clean the lenses. Give the headlight covers a thorough cleaning to remove dirt, grease, and grime that can clog the sandpaper. Use soapy water or plastic cleaner.


2. Mask off area around headlights. Tape off the surrounding trim, hood, fenders, etc. to protect the paint from sanding dust. Cover adjacent parts of the headlight.


3. Start with a medium-coarse sanding disc. Attach a P800-P1000 grit sanding disc to remove severe hazing and oxidation. Keep the tool moving constantly. Apply light pressure.


4. Gradually step down grits. Progress through P1200, P1500, and P2000 grit discs. Wipe away dust between each step. Sand until previous scratches are gone.


5. Finish polishing. Attach a buffing pad and apply plastic polishing compound. Buff until clear. Repeat if needed.



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