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What to Consider When Choosing the Best Siding Nailer?


Installing siding is a big project that requires the right tools to get the job done efficiently. If you're a contractor or handyman, a good coil siding nailer can make your job much easier.


What is a Siding Nailer?


A siding nailer, is a pneumatic tool used to install siding on homes and buildings. Siding nailers efficiently drive fasteners like nails and staples into siding materials to attach them to walls and other structures. They are an essential tool for professionals installing vinyl, fiber cement, engineered wood, and other types of lap and panel siding.


Siding Nailer Type


There are two main types of siding nailers, coil and stick.


Coil nailers get their name from the coiled collated nails they use. The nails are connected by wires or plastic cleats that are fed from a coil equipped magazine. This allows for quick, continuous nailing without having to manually load each nail.


Stick nailers use straight magazine-fed sticks of nails. Coil nailers are faster for siding projects with less reloading. Stick nailers are lighter and may provide more precision. Consider the scale of your project and precision needed when choosing between coil and stick.


Nail Size Compatibility  

Siding nailers drive different nail gauges and lengths. Most models accept 15-gauge nails from 1-1/2" to 2-1/2" long – the common range for fiber cement and vinyl siding. Ensure the nailer handles the appropriate nails for your siding type. Nailers optimized for wood or metal may not work as well. Check the nail size specifications before buying.



Drive Depth Adjustment

Adjusting nail depth is crucial for proper siding installation. You want nails flush or just slightly countersunk into the siding without penetrating deeply into the studs. Variable depth adjustment lets you control drive depth for a consistent finish look. Depth adjustment also reduces blowouts in more delicate siding materials.



Jam-Free Design

Siding nailers fire hundreds of nails per hour, so jams are inevitable. However, some models are designed to prevent jams better than others. Look for internal mechanisms to stop nail jams from occurring as much as possible. Quick-release levers also make clearing jams easier when they do happen.



Air Consumption

Pneumatic siding nailers require a compressor to operate. Compressors have a limited air volume, measured in CFM. Some nailers use less air per nail, allowing more nails to be driven from a compressor's air supply. Check the nailer's air consumption rate and compare to your compressor's output CFM rating. Getting a nailer with lower CFM usage will extend running time.



Weight and Balance

Installing siding requires holding the nail gun up high and at various angles. A lighter nailer reduces fatigue over long siding jobs. However, don't sacrifice durability just for weight. Also, consider balance – a nailer shouldn't be too top-heavy or bottom-heavy. Ergonomic shaping can make a tool more comfortable and stable to hold up to 8 hours per day.



Safety Features

As powerful fastening tools, siding nailers need adequate safety mechanisms. Look for nailers with finger guard protection, no-mar tips, non-slip grip, and quick trigger lockoffs for safety. Some models have adjustable triggers to prevent accidental firing. An air duster accessory can help keep work areas clean for better visibility. Don't overlook key safety features in a nailer.




For contractors installing high volumes of siding, the AEROPRO CN65RA provides the right balance of durability, power, and features without the premium price tag. The coil magazine loads a full 250 nails to minimize downtime between reloads.


With hardened steel internal components. Lightweight and well balanced for easy maneuverable. High-capacity side-load magazine. Tool-less depth adjustment. This tool is built to withstand daily professional use on residential construction jobsites.


Drives 1-1/2'' to 2-1/2'' 15-degree wire collated coil nails and plastic coil nails. Suitable for roof Decking, Underlayment, Wall Sheathing, Framing, Recreational Decks, Furring Strips,Siding Sheathing.





Required pressure:70-120PSI(4.8-8.3bar)


Nail Capacity:250pcs

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