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Solve Your Household Problems with a Framing Nailer


If you're a homeowner, you likely have little household projects and repairs that pop up from time to time. While some are quick fixes, others require more intensive work. Instead of calling in a professional or trying to muscle through it yourself with basic tools, consider reaching for a framing nailer.



Building and Securing Structures


One of the main uses for a framing nailer is constructing and securing wooden frames and structures. With the ability to rapidly drive large nails into solid materials like wood and OSB, it’s perfect for building projects like:


Fences, gates, and lattice

Sheds, playhouses, and outdoor structures  

Decks, porches, and pergolas

Interior wall framing and securing plywood subfloors


A framing nailer allows you to construct sturdy structures from the ground up quickly and efficiently, you'll save significant time and effort. This makes it ideal for both large new builds as well as maintaining and repairing existing structures on your property.


Building Wall Framing


Constructing the wooden framework for interior and exterior walls is time-consuming and labor-intensive using only a hammer. With a framing nailer, you can rapidly secure 2x4 and 2x6 studs in the proper layout to assemble each wall. The nailer allows you to toenail angled connections and quickly drive nails through doubled-up studs and plates. This makes frame assembly faster, easier, and more accurate.


Attaching Sheathing and Siding


Once your wall frames are assembled, a framing nailer makes short work of fastening sheathing and exterior siding. For plywood, OSB, and other sheathing panels, the nailer can rapidly secure each sheet along studs and edges. When installing vinyl, wood, or fiber cement lap siding, the tool delivers the required nailing pattern to properly affix each course along the walls. This eliminates hand nailing or pre-drilling, speeding up siding application.


Building a Wood Deck


Outdoor decks require a properly constructed frame and joist system before decking boards can be installed on top. A framing nailer drives nails efficiently into the ledger board, rim joists, blocking, and joists to assemble the framework. It also makes quick work of toenailing joist hangers and fastening hardware connectors. Once the understructure is complete, the tool can rapidly attach all the deck boards across joists for a finished surface.


Constructing a Fence


For backyard privacy or pet containment, building a new wood fence is a weekend project a framing nailer can simplify. After digging post holes and setting 4x4 posts in concrete, the nailer can assemble the frame quickly by driving nails to attach rails between posts. With the frame complete, use the tool to rapidly fasten all of the pickets, palings, or boards that make up the fencing infill. This creates a solid, finished fence in fewer man-hours.


Building Accessory Structures


Small sheds, outdoor shelters, and other backyard structures all require wood framing for the floors, walls, and roofs. A framing nailer is ideal for assembling the stud walls, joists, and rafters for a sturdy framework. Nailing sheathing and roofing materials is also faster with the nailer. For small projects like these, a framing nailer makes construction more efficient compared to hammer and nails.



The AEROPRO RHF9021 21°Round Head Framing Nailer packs some serious power and can help you tackle jobs both big and small around the house and yard.


Light weight and strong aluminum housing. Non-slip rubber grip for comfort and better control. Tool-less depth of drive adjustment. Jammed nail rate at about 0.03%.


Accepts 2" - 3-1/4", 21° round head, plastic collated strip nails. Ideal for Framing, sheathing, siding, trusses, bridging, wood to masonry, engineered lumber, strapping, fencing, and exterior decks, subflooring, bracing.


Model No:RHF9021



Operating Pressure:80-120psi(5.5-8bar)


Load Capacity:2×30pcs

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