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Renovating Your Home With An Airless Paint Sprayer


If you're planning on renovating your home by repainting the interior walls or exterior siding, an airless paint sprayers allow you to achieve professional-looking results without hiring a professional painter.


Why Choose An Airless Sprayer?


Airless paint sprayers have become increasingly popular for DIY homeowners tackling renovations. The main advantage of an airless sprayer is the speed at which you can paint. Airless sprayers can paint up to 300 square feet per hour, compared to just 60-100 square feet per hour with a paintbrush. This speed comes from the powerful motor and piston pump that pushes paint through the spray nozzle at high pressure. An airless sprayer can deliver up to 0.6 gallons of paint per minute to the nozzle. This high efficiency allows you to get jobs done faster.


For home renovations when you're painting walls, ceilings, doors, cabinets and furniture, the time savings of an airless sprayer quickly adds up. You'll get more done in less time, allowing you to complete projects faster and move on to the next item on your renovation task list.


Airless sprayers are great for reaching areas that are difficult to access with a paintbrush. Their spray tips allow you to paint high walls, ceilings, crown molding, tall furniture and other hard-to-reach crevices.


The spray nozzle extends your reach, making it easy to paint surfaces like fences, siding, and roof eaves. You can paint efficiently without climbing up and down ladders constantly. Airless sprayers allow you to effortlessly coat areas that would be fatiguing or even impossible with manual painting tools.


Airless sprayers work with virtually any architectural paint including latex, acrylics, oils, and stains. The units have enough power to easily spray thicker paints and primers without needing to thin them first. This makes the sprayer ideal for applying primer, enamel, lacquer, varnish and stains. You can use the appropriate paint for each surface while benefiting from the speed of spraying.


Choosing An Airless Sprayer


Spray tip size - The spray tip opening determines the spread of the paint, with smaller sizes for finer finish work, and larger tips for broad wall coverage. Tips range from .011 to .035 inch openings. A .015-.021 tip is a good all-purpose choice.


Power. Airless sprayer power is measured in gallons per minute (GPM). Home models typically have .5 GPM or smaller for sufficient power to cover walls and ceilings. Larger 1+ GPM models are meant for major commercial jobs.


Weight. While industrial models can weigh 50+ pounds, look for a compact home airless sprayer under 20 pounds that you can easily move around and carry.


Getting the Best Results From Your Airless Sprayer


Start with a compatible paint. Always check that the paint or coating is formulated for airless spray application to avoid clogs and jams. Most latex wall paints work fine.


Thin the paint if needed. Thin thicker paints up to 10% with water or thinner to improve flow and prevent clogging issues. But don't over-thin.


Use a properly sized spray tip. Change the spray tip size as needed for different surfaces and desired spray patterns.


Maintain a consistent distance. Holding the spray gun 12-15 inches from the wall provides even coverage without too much overspray, don't wave the sprayer around.


Apply multiple thin coats. Apply 2-3 thin coats rather than 1 thick coat, allowing proper drying between coats, thin coats provide the best results.


With a quality AEROPRO AP8626 airless paint sprayer, you can take home painting projects with confidence. Compact structure, light weight, high productive sprayer for DIY and Tradesman professional use.


Despite its lightweight form factor, the AP8626 packs a punch with 3000 PSI max pressure and a 1.0 HP motor power. With the 821 airless spray gun and 7.6m high pressure air hose for easy mobility when painting.


Ideal for small to medium projects, indoor and outdoor DIY projects such as interior walls, ceilings, exterior siding, fences, decks, sheds, garages and more.


Voltage:220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz

Motor Size:1.0HP, 750W

Max pressure:3000psi

Standard Nozzle Size:517(0.017")

Length of High Pressure Hose:7.6m

Max.Pressure for the Hose:83Mpa

Flow Rate:1.2L/Min

Net Weight:7.0Kgs, 15.4Lbs

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