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How To Set Up Spraying Workspace For Airless Paint Sprayer


Using a paint sprayer can make painting projects go much faster. You'll need to properly prepare your workspace to contain overspray and protect surrounding areas. With some planning and protective measures, you can create an ideal spray painting area in your home or workshop.


Take Safety Precautions


Paint sprayers atomize paint into fine mists that can stay airborne and be easily inhaled or land on your skin. Proper safety gear is a must when using any sprayer. Wear a respirator mask or respirator helmet to avoid breathing paint mist. Goggles keep paint out of your eyes. You'll also want full coveralls over your clothes, gloves, and hat or hood.


Set up a small containment zone around the actual spraying workspace. This keeps the paint overspray localized so you avoid spreading fine mist throughout the rest of the workspace. Simple DIY enclosures can be built from PVC pipe and plastic sheeting. Use extra care when using sprayers indoors or in breezy conditions where paint spray can more easily drift.


Choose Your Location Wisely


You'll want an area that is well-ventilated, so you don't inhale fumes from the paint mist. A garage, backyard, or other exterior location is ideal, especially if you can position a fan to keep air circulating. If working indoors, open any windows and doors and use an exhaust fan if possible. Also be sure your workspace has adequate lighting so you can see what you are spraying clearly.


It's also wise to pick a location away from anything you don't want to accidentally get paint on. Overspray can travel a surprising distance, so keep the sprayer several feet away from other objects. Cover nearby items like furniture, floors, and cars with drop cloths. You may also want to tape plastic sheeting around doorways or vents to prevent spray from traveling to other rooms.


Prep Your Painting Surface


Make sure the surface you'll be spraying is clean and dry before starting. Remove any dirt, grease or peeling paint so the new coat will adhere properly. Lightly sand glossy areas to help paint grip better. Fill any cracks or holes with spackle or wood filler and smooth once dry.


It's also important to mask off any areas you don't want painted. Apply painter's tape around the edges and cover larger sections with plastic sheets or cardboard. Remove outlet and switch plate covers.Tape off trim, windows, outlets, and any other surfaces that shouldn't get sprayed. Drape drop cloths below the workspace to catch drips. Cover the ground and plants if spraying outdoors.


Organize Supplies & Stay Clean


Have all necessary paint sprayer parts & accessories nearby, like filters, tips and cleaning solvents. Place drop cloths below the work area and downrange where paint will spray. Keep rags or paper towels on hand for spills or drips.


Designate one area for paint mixing & filling and another area for actual spraying. This prevents contaminants from entering the paint. You may also want an empty 5 gallon bucket on hand for testing spray patterns.


While spraying, periodically wipe the tip clean to prevent clogs using a wire brush or toothpick. Keep a wet rag nearby to quickly clean your hands or the sprayer body. When stopping for breaks, cap the spray tip so it doesn't dry out or clog.


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Max pressure for the hose:83Mpa

Net weight:15.5kg

Output connection:1/4-18npsm

Max spray tip:0.021"

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