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How to Make an HVLP Spray Gun Work Better for Painting?


HVLP gravity-feed spray guns are one of the most common types of spray guns used for applying paints, stains, and other finishing materials. As an air spray gun manufacturer, we understand that every shop or professional has the same needs when it comes to their finishing equipment. There are several ways you can optimize an HVLP spray gun to work more efficiently for painting tasks.



Adjust the Air Pressure


One of the biggest factors in HVLP spray gun performance is the input air pressure. HVLP guns are designed to operate at around 10 PSI or less at the nozzle. If your air pressure is set too high, the gun will produce a higher application speed but more overspray as well. Start on the lower end around 6-8 PSI and adjust up slightly until you find the optimal balance of application speed and finish quality. Using an inline air pressure regulator is helpful for maintaining consistent pressure.


Use the Right Nozzle Size


HVLP spray guns come with removable nozzle tips in various sizes. The right nozzle size is determined by the thickness of the paint and intricacy of the application. Larger tips are better for spraying thicker materials like primer, while smaller tips allow for finer atomization and more control for finishing coats. For broad surfaces use bigger tips between 1.3-1.8mm, while smaller items call for 0.8-1.0mm tips.


Use the Right Air Hose


Using an undersized air hose can restrict airflow and diminish HVLP gun performance. A 3/8” I.D. hose is usually adequate for lengths under 50 feet. For longer hose runs, a 1/2” I.D. is preferable to maintain proper CFM. Quick disconnects are also recommended to avoid pressure drops. Make sure to drain moisture from the air compressor tank regularly to keep hose lines clear.


Adjust the Material Flow


One advantage of HVLP spray systems is the ability to control material flow at the gun with a needle adjustment. Turning the adjustment knob clockwise reduces flow for lighter coats, while counterclockwise increases it for wetter coats. Start by turning in all the way, then back out 2 full turns. Fine tune until you get the desired fluid output without excessive texture in the paint film.


Practice on Sample Boards  


When learning to spray with HVLP equipment, practice your technique on a sample board first. Pay attention to how the coating lays down at different speeds, overlap, and gun angles. Check for orange peel, runs, sags, and texture issues. The more consistent your motions and positioning, the higher quality finish you’ll be able to achieve. Test different paint viscosities as well. Experience using the gun builds essential muscle memory.


Upgrade Air Filtration


For the highest quality finishes, improve air filtration coming into the HVLP spray gun. Add secondary filtration systems to your compressor like a coalescing filter/dryer combo. Use at least 5-micron rated air hoses to capture contaminants. Clean air results in a smooth, uniform spray pattern free of defects and debris. Monitoring moisture levels also prevents finish clouding.


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Model No:A604

Feed Type: Gravity

Standard of Nozzle: Φ1.3mm

Operating Pressure: 2.0bar

Pattern Width: 180-260mm

Paint Capacity: 500cc

Air Consumption: 4.1~4.5cfm,117-128L/Min

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