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Which Nailer Would Be Best Suited For Exterior Wood Siding?


When it comes to installing exterior wood siding, coil siding nailers are often the preferred choice among professionals. These nailers are specifically engineered to handle the unique challenges of siding installation, such as working on vertical surfaces and around corners.


Coil siding nailers are designed to accommodate of collated nails. These nails are arranged in a coil, which allows for continuous firing without the need for frequent reloading. This feature not only saves time but also enhances productivity on large-scale siding projects.


Driving Power and Precision

One of the primary reasons you need a nailer designed specifically for siding is the combination of driving power and precision it provides. Wood siding planks, whether cedar, redwood, or a composite material, are thicker and denser than the thin trim pieces a finish nailer is made for. A framing nailer may have the power to set nails into the dense siding, but it lacks the precision and specified nailing angle to prevent issues.


A dedicated siding nailer has just the right amount of force to set nails fully into the thick siding planks without blowing through the other side. The angled magazine also allows you to drive nails at the ideal 50-60 degree angle from horizontal. This creates a stronger, more secure nailedfastening compared to nails driven straight in, which can cause splitting and creaking over time.


Caliber and Nail Type


One of the first things to look at when selecting a siding nailer is the nail caliber and type it is designed for. Exterior wood siding requires galvanized nails that can withstand the elements without corroding. The two common options are 15-gauge or 16-gauge nails.


15-gauge nails are slightly thicker at 0.072 inches in diameter. This extra thickness gives them superior holding power, which can be beneficial for siding that sees high winds or other stresses. However, the larger gauge nails can also cause more surface damage if they are inadvertently fired at an angle.


16-gauge nails are 0.0625 inches thick. While they don't have quite the same grip strength, the thinner nails are less likely to bend or ricochet if they strike the siding plank at an angle. This smaller gauge is very popular for cedar and fiber cement siding in particular.


Depth Adjustment


Precisely setting the nail depth is critical when installing siding. Nails that are driven too deep can cause surface dimpling and cracks, while shallow nails won't fully secure the plank.


Look for a siding nailer that allows tool-free depth adjustment to easily set the nail level. This lets you compensate for different materials like cedar or fiber cement quickly. The best nailers make depth adjustments with a simple mechanical control rather than requiring disassembly or tools.


Many coil siding nailers have a dial for depth of drive adjustments in increments as precise as 1/8 of an inch. This fine level of control helps you set the optimal nail level for a tight fit with clean finish results.


Weight and Balance


The total weight of the tool itself is one factor. Coil siding nailers typically weigh between 4-6 lbs, with the magazine capacity having a major influence. Lightweight composite materials help keep weight down.


Equally important is how that weight is distributed. A nailer with a balanced front-to-rear weight distribution is easier to wield and maneuver compared to ones that are very nose-heavy or rear-heavy. Unbalanced tools can create disproportionate arm fatigue over extended use.


An over or under balanced tool can also impact your accuracy on siding nails, causing them to veer off at an angle if you aren't perfectly perpendicular to the plank surface.



The AEROPRO CN65RA coil siding nailers are designed for production and built to withstand daily use on the jobsite.


High strength aluminum alloy die casting body. One piece drive pin working life is more than 0.3 millions times. Sequential fire&bump fire. Adjustable depth control ensures proper countersink for professional finish.


Drives 1-1/2'' to 2-1/2'' 15-degree wire collated coil nails and plastic coil nails. Suitable for roof Decking, Underlayment, Wall Sheathing, Framing, Recreational Decks, Furring Strips,Siding Sheathing.





Required pressure:70-120PSI(4.8-8.3bar)


Nail Capacity:250pcs

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