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How Does Air Carton Closing Stapler Work? Here’s What You Need to Know


A pneumatic carton closing stapler is a stapling machine that uses compressed air to drive staples into cardboard boxes or cartons to seal them shut. Carton closing staplers are essential workhorses in shipping and packaging operations of all sizes.


How does Carton Stapler Work?


The stapler consists of a few key components - a body containing the stapling mechanism, a hose that connects to a source of compressed air, and a trigger that activates the stapling action. The body is made of durable metal and houses the staple magazine, driver blade, and piston assembly.


The staple magazine sits at the front of the body and holds a strip of staples, usually around 100 staples. The magazine has a spring inside that pushes the staples forward so the next one is always in position ready to be discharged. At the bottom of the magazine is the driver blade which will force each staple through the cardboard.


Behind this is the piston assembly connected to an air cylinder. The air cylinder contains a piston that gets propelled forward when compressed air enters from the hose. The piston is attached to the driver blade by a linkage. When the piston shoots forward with force, it pushes the driver blade forward as well, driving the staple from the magazine through the cardboard.


On the underside of the stapler is a base plate that the stapler rests on top of the boxes. This provides backing support and an anvil for the staple to bend against as it penetrates through the cardboard. The base plate has a slot for the driver blade and staple to pass through.


A spring resets the piston assembly to its starting position after each staple discharge. This prepares the stapler for the next stapling cycle when the trigger is pulled again.


When to Utilize an Air Stapler


Any high-volume shipping operation that routinely staples robust corrugated boxes can benefit immensely from incorporating a heavy-duty pneumatic stapling solution.


Order Fulfillment Centers. As the core of e-commerce shipping operations, fulfillment facilities can vastly boost throughput and reduce operator fatigue by utilizing pneumatic stapling.


Manufacturing Facilities. Whether boxing up finished goods or supplies, manufacturers can realize major efficiency gains across their packaging lines.


Third-Party Logistics (3PL). For 3PLs handling a high volume of shipped goods, rapid air stapling enables lean, streamlined packaging processes.


Incoming/Outgoing Freight. Busy freight depots and warehouses can leverage air staplers to swiftly secure cartons during staging for transit.


How to Start Stapling?


Carton staplers require heavy-duty staples to penetrate corrugated cardboard. Use the right size to cleanly pierce the material without jamming the stapler. Commonly used sizes are 3/4”, 7/16", and 9/16” for varying cardboard thicknesses.


For operation, the user connects the air hose from an air compressor. Pressure is preset to around 70-100 PSI. The user places the stapler over the flap of the carton to be closed, with the base plate underneath and trigger handle on top.


You simply needs to continue squeezing the trigger as they move the stapler along the box edge. It will insert staples at a high rate along the seam, sealing it securely. Stapling speed can reach around 60 staples per minute.


The stapling action requires minimal physical effort due to the pneumatic power. A few seconds of squeezing can seal up an entire carton. The user only needs to provide positioning and guidance. When done, simply disconnect the air supply.



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