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How the Gravity-Feed Air Spray Gun Works?



In skilled hands, the gravity-feed spray gun is a powerful tool capable of high transfer efficiency with minimal overspray. But have you ever wondered what's really going on inside that crucial piece of equipment?


The Core Mechanism: High Pressure Air and Fluid Streams


At its heart, a gravity-feed spray gun relies on the interaction between high pressure air and the coating fluid stream to atomize the liquid into a fine mist for application. The air stream is supplied by connecting the gun to an air compressor or compressed air line. As you pull the trigger, a valve opens to release this high pressure air through carefully designed air ports and channels inside the gun body.


The air stream doesn't do all the work alone though. The coating fluid, whether it's paint, primer, clear coat or other material, is precisely metered and injected to meet the airstream. In a gravity feed system, the fluid reservoir sits on top of the gun body, using gravity to feed the fluid down through the fluid nozzle and into the high-speed air stream path.


Adjusting Air Pressure, Fluid Flow and Spray Pattern


One of the great advantages of air spray guns is the control and adjustability they offer. The air pressure regulator connected to the gun inlet allows the painter to increase or decrease the pressure (typically measured in PSI) of the air stream as required for different coating materials and applications. More air pressure generally produces a finer atomization, but too much can disrupt the spray pattern.


The fluid nozzle size also plays a key role in controlling the amount of coating material that gets injected into the air stream. Larger diameter nozzles allow more fluid to flow through, which is useful for spraying heavy, high-solid coatings. Smaller nozzles restrict flow for finer atomization with lighter material.


And of course, no spray gun would be complete without control over the actual fan pattern shape of the sprayed material. The air cap at the very front has diagonal slots and horns that allow the user to adjust between a tight, concentrated round pattern or wide, evenly distributed fan shape. Getting this dialed in correctly is crucial for controlling paint coverage and overlap on the job.


Internal Airflow Design for Superior Atomization


While those user-facing controls are vital, what really separates a quality spray gun from a subpar one is the internal engineering and design of the air flow channels and geometry. Our product engineers use advanced computational fluid dynamics simulations to model and optimize these internal air paths for maximum atomization efficiency at the cap.


It starts with a finely tuned area around the fluid nozzle called the pre-atomization chamber. The incoming pressurized air stream is channeled to focus intense airflow over the fluid stream as it exits the nozzle. This begins atomizing the fluid into fine particles before it even reaches the air cap.


From there, the partially atomized fluid mixture transitions through meticulously designed pathways that induce a tight spiral airflow pattern before blasting out the angled air cap slots. This spinning, high-velocity airflow imparts an ideal shear pattern to fully atomize the remaining fluid particles as they exit the air cap horns.


The Materials Matter


Another area that premium gravity feed spray guns differentiate is in the materials of construction. Precision machined stainless steel components, hardcoat anodized aluminum bodies ensure long-lasting performance in these tough painting environments.


This is crucial for enabling the tight tolerances in dimensions and air/fluid flow geometries needed to repeatedly achieve that ideal atomization and pattern control. Cheaper spray guns simply can't maintain these tolerances over time as their housings and internal parts start to wear and deteriorate in corrosive coating materials.


The AEROPRO A608 High Efficiency Spray Gun was purpose-built for professionals who aim for perfection in every coating application.


The ergonomic handle lessens user fatigue for comfort during high-volume jobs. Easy cleaning, it’s made of hard anodized aluminium and can be disassembled and cleaned separately. Lighter weight, painters will get a sense of more control and experience less fatigue during work.


It comes with an air pressure regulatorhigh precision, easy voltage regulation, stable output. The desired pattern, volume of fluid output and fine atomization can easily be obtained by regulating the pattern adjusting knob, fluid adjusting knob and air adjusting knob.

Great for Automobile finish painting, optimized stainless steel nozzle design for various spray distances and inlet pressure.

Type of Feed: Gravity

Standard Nozzle:1.3mm

Recommended air pressure: 2.0bar(29psi)

Recommended spraying distance: 200mm

Pattern Width:Width:50-70mm,length:260-320mm

Paint Capacity:600cc

Air Inlet:1/4''

Max.temperature of the spray medium:50℃

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