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Best Air Orbital Sanders for Your Garage DIY Projects


With its ability to remove material quickly without leaving noticeable scratches, an air sander can transform rough, damaged surfaces into smooth perfection. Whether you're refinishing furniture, prepping for paint, or just wanting to freshen up some worn pieces, these ideas will help you put your air sander to its best use.


What Is An Air Orbital Sander?


At its core, the sanding pad on an orbital sander spins in tight oval patterns rather than a simple rotation. This random orbit motion, coupled with the tool's vibration, allows it to sand surfaces aggressively while leaving an ultra-smooth finish that requires little to no additional fine sanding.


Air orbital sanders can be used on a wide variety of materials including wood, metal, plastic, drywall, and even painted surfaces for tasks like paint removal or finish leveling. Their powerful yet controlled sanding action makes them perfect for anything from rough sanding to fine finish work.


Typical Applications


In wood shops and furniture factories, air orbital sanders excel at leveling uneven surfaces and removing swirl marks or cross-grain scratches in preparation for staining and finishing. The random orbital action blends scratches into a uniform pattern ideal for holding stain evenly.


Use air orbital sanders a lot in wood shops - both for rapidly removing material during stock removal as well as putting on a glass-smooth polish. By swapping out different grit abrasives, we can quickly transition between aggressive stock removal and fine finish polishing.

If you love that rustic, vintage vibe, using an air sander is the perfect way to create a "distressed" look on furniture pieces. The key is to use the sander judiciously, removing just enough of the surface to let the underlying wood or paint show through in spots.


For large, flat surfaces like walls, doors or cabinets, an air orbital sander is perfect for removing any old, flaking paint or bumps so you get an ideal "blank canvas" before you start painting. You can also use it to de-gloss previously painted surfaces and rough up the texture just enough for the new paint to really grip.

The cool-running nature of air motors prevents discoloration of metals during extended sanding sessions. This makes air orbital sanders ideal for preparing and polishing stainless steel, aluminum, and other non-ferrous metals.


Our pneumatic orbital sanders for deburring, sanding away defects, and putting a uniform brushed finish on components machined from titanium, chrome, and other specialty alloys. The powerful motors can chew through surface discoloration and oxidation while still leaving a smooth polished end result.


For auto body work, air orbital sanders are a must for block sanding primer coats and leveling body filler during the repair process. The swirl-free action leaves fresh primer and filler smooth and level to prevent unsightly picture-framing or grooves from telegraphing through the final paint job.


You can also use specialized abrasive discs to polish bare metal components like aluminum wheels. The speed and flexibility of an air sander makes adding that brilliant shine a breeze.


We also use air orbital sanders for cutting and polishing clear coat finishes. With a foam pad and fine polishing compound, these tools can remedy scratches, remove oxidation, and restore brilliant high-gloss shine to automotive clear coats with ease.



From wood to metal to plastic and beyond, AEROPRO AP7335 air orbital sander is one of the most versatile tools you can have in your garage workshop. Light weight, low vibration, low center of gravity design. Perfectly balanced sanding pad, low vibration for swirl-free finishes. 


Pair it with the right abrasives and attachments, and it can put a professional-quality shine and finish on just about any material or surface. Ideal for sanding and surface preparation on wood,metal,fiberglass and composite materials and many other substrates.

Disc Size:5inch, 125mm

Free Speed RPM:12000

Air Inlet:1/4inch

Air Hose:3/8inch

Avg.air consumption:4.5cfm,128L/min

Net Weight: 1.85lbs,0.84kg

Sug.Air Comp(HP):2

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