Airless Paint Sprayer 650

Airless Paint Sprayer 650

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  • Key Application:

    Wall emulsion paint, coating, colorants, steel structure anticorrosion paint, epoxy paint, enamel paint on the metal surface.


Low unique watchdog technology to ensure the equipment work voltage instability continues in the site!

Low mocr separate steel bushing,super wear-resistant,cleaning so easy!

The biggest can support 633 nozzles,improve construction efficiency.

Low per minute 2000 unique inductive intelligent recognition nozzle technology, built for professional remodeling and repainting contractors looking to increase the number of larger jobs.



Motor size:4HP(3000W)

Max pressure:3300PSI(227bar)

Standard Noozle size:625(0.025")

Flow rate:5L/min(1.35GPM)

Max.Pressure for the hose:83Mpa

Length of High Pressure Hose :30m

Max spray tip:633(0.033")


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